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FreshTech CRM was about building relationships from day one. We had a need to gain more visibility on new business and take better care of our customers. Our work is dedicated to helping professional salespeople create stronger bonds with their customers through great service. FreshTech CRM provides the tools to see what's going on and take action. And that means happier customers and more money in your pocket.

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Mobile App

Keep your sales force active and on the move. Easy visit tracking while in the field. FreshTech's Geolocation service lets you visualize your leads in real time and track customers on your mobile device.

Prospect Pipeline Tracking

From Prospect to Closeable to Customer, keep an eye on your sales leads and track your sales team's progress.

Dream Dashboard

Semi-customizable dashboard allows sales managers to track metrics that really matter. Select widgets from a menu and substitute them with ease.

Industry Expertise

FreshTech CRM was built to meet the needs of food brands and distributors. We know what it takes to track the hundreds of things needed to serve demanding retail and foodservice customers.

Real Time Reporting

See exactly what's going on with your customers right now with live visit reports.

More Features

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Onboarding & Customization

Simple set-up with our onboarding team, annual hosting and custom programming billed separately. Custom reporting and functionality billed hourly.

Select Your Service Level

Try FreshTech CRM at no cost and upgrade when you’re ready. Save the distracting frills and choose from three separate service levels, handpicked for what fits your needs. Add modules such as online credit applications, commission calculators, and transportation reporting as needed.

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